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Autopilot Heavy Duty Rudder

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Standby Mode:

The autopilot displays the current magnetic heading and will not apply any steering control.
GPS Mode:

When receiving information from a GPS unit, the autopilot can steer a vessel along a preset track to a precise latitude and longitude.
Auto Mode:

The autopilot will maintain your boat on the selected magnetic course. Course can be set via the keypad panel, changed by rotating the large knob or recalled from a stored course with the PRESET button. Where fitted, the course can also be controlled via a remote control unit.
Commercial Watch Timer:

For vessels under survey. The timer can be set to give a warning alarm at a fixed preset time and provide an output control signal for a loud external alarm 1 minute after the internal alarm sounds.
Power Steer:

The rudder angle may be controlled by the large control knob on the main panel or from one of the remote steering stations.
Watch Timer:

A timer can be set for 1 to 120 minutes. When the time expires, an alarm sounds. Uses include timing of trawling runs or a reminder to check for anchor drag at set periods.

Note: An external alarm piezo siren must be fitted.

Dimensions: (W) 309mm x (H) 140mm x (D) 65mm (Allow for rear cable connection)
Voltage: 12-24 volts DC
Current: Manual - 0.4 amps.
Auto - 1.0 amps.
Max: 15 amps
Controls: Rotary and Push button
Display: LED
Course Detection: Better than 1 degree
Nav. Signal: NMEA 0183
Watch Alarm: Adjustable 0/60 minutes
Course Alarm: Adjustable
Rudder Ratio: 0.1:1.0 to 1.0:1.0
Rudder Limits: Front panel adjustable
Sensitivity: 0 - 10 degrees


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